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Are you a talented writer who is enthusiastic about gardening, preserving the environment, maintaining your health, or making plans for the future? YOU are the one we are looking for!

Come be a part of our family by contributing to our site as a guest writer and sharing your passion and knowledge with the rest of our readers. In addition to providing our followers with high-quality information that keeps them interested, this is an excellent approach to creating your authority in the field.

Best Practices:


  • Each of your posts must have at least 550 words.
  • Run your piece through Grammarly and any other editors you feel comfortable using to ensure that it reads smoothly and is free of errors.
  • When appropriate, include links to other articles or pages on our site that are pertinent to the topic.
  • Make sure that your replies and commitments to any deadlines that we set for you once we approve your request are met promptly.


  • Engage in spamming practices by including links or keywords that do not relate to the content of your post.
  • Do not write about information that can be found anyplace else on our website 
  • Include affiliate links in the content you’re writing.
  • Compose an essay on a topic that isn’t very important to you. We are interested in content that demonstrates people’s interests, and our audience can determine whether or not our writers share that enthusiasm.
  • Add images (unless they are your own from a case study)

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